My name is Becca and I’m the owner of Lala Jean! I grew up in South Georgia - Adel to be exact, but I normally tell people near the Valdosta area. After I graduated college in 2018, I moved out to Las Vegas that fall. BEST DECISION EVER.  I really do love everything about the city. It’s definitely way different than the small town I grew up in, it’s super close to a lot of cool places. Like Disneyland, Palm Springs, LA, San Diego, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, etc. It makes exploring the west coast a ton more fun. I was raised on the east coast, but I really think I’m more of a west coast girl. No humidity, gnats, or tornadoes. If you’re from the south, I’m sure you can relate when I saw those things are not fun! Although I do miss Waffle House, good sweet tea, and my dogs. 


The about me page is always the first place I go when I shop on a new website. I love getting to meet the owner of the store and hear her why for getting started. Also makes me feel like I actually know her, which makes purchasing that more important because I’m supporting her dream. 


When I was younger, I always had a new business idea. In the second grade, I would sell pencils, pens, and markers to the kids in my class. So I guess that was my first business. 😂


When I was in middle school, I was bullied pretty bad by two girls. Which is why I created my blog platform and Lalajean. I want women + girls everywhere to know that you don’t have to apologize for not being like everyone else. I remember how it felt to be judged and bullied, so I wanted my new brand to let women (and girls) know that you may not be like everyone else, but you’re YOU and that is what makes you special. 



FAVORITE OUTFIT: anything comfy but also super cute!

FAVORITE COLOR: I used to love pink, but lately I've been loving blue. I also love a good all black and or neutral outfit. 

FAVORITE SEASON: Fall and spring! Literally the best times of year weather wise and the best clothes. 

FAVORITE PLACE TO TRAVEL: I always love going to Disney, but I have always wanted to go to London and Hawaii and currently have those planned for this year. 

HIDDEN TALENT: I know all the words to Fergalicious. 😂

HOW OLD ARE YOU: 24, I'll be 25 in September! 

WHERE DID YOU GO TO COLLEGE: Georgia Southern University. It’s about 45 minutes from Savannah, GA. There, I majored in Fashion Merchandising and minored in Business and Marketing.