Why The Name, Lala Jean?

 My previous boutique was named, Shop Becca. I named it that because of my blog, Styled by Becca. I liked the name, but I wasn’t in love with it. I didn’t have a strong brand for Shop Becca, so I knew when I began the process to reopen it, I wanted to completely redo the brand and come up with a new name.

Lala Jean is for the woman who loves looking amazing, but loves being comfy 10x more. She’s a total girl boss, loves life, confident, and has fun in anything she does. The Lala Jean Babe knows that a girl boss isn’t just a woman who owns her own business, but a woman who is 110% happy with her life. She can be a business owner, nurse, lawyer, stay at mom, etc. She’s whatever the hell she wants to be. 

I really want women to know that EVERYONE is a #girlboss. 

When I was in middle school, I was bullied pretty bad by two girls. Because of this, I’m pretty sure it’s when my depression and anxiety began. I mean getting bullied everyday for 3 years, does something to you, ya know?! Middle school isn’t good for anyone, but it especially sucked for me. I didn’t really fit in with any friend groups. I was super shy, so making new friends was hard. I remember sitting alone at lunch and outside time until like the 8th grade when I found a couple middle school friends. I remember how it felt to be judged and bullied, so I wanted my new brand to let women (and girls) know that you may not be like everyone else, but you’re YOU and that is what makes you special. 

Honestly Lala came about because I’ve always loved the name. It’s different, but fun and unique, which is what the Lala Jean brand is all about. Jean comes from my Grandma’s middle name, Wanda Jean. She died in 2016, so I knew I wanted to incorporate Jean in the name somehow. It was VERY important to me. I spent a month thinking of a new name. It had to be perfect because I wanted my brand to perfect before I launched it.