HI BABES!!  I seriously do a happy dance when I see anyone on the website and a VERY happy dance when I see a sale come through. I could make a million in sales per month and I would still get so excited. Thank you soooo much for supporting my dream. 💕  

Why The Name, Lala Jean? - Honestly Lala came about because I’ve always loved the name. It’s different, but fun and unique, which is what the Lala Jean brand is all about. Jean comes from my Grandma’s middle name, Wanda Jean. We called her Mammie. She died in 2016, so I knew I wanted to incorporate Jean in the name somehow and it was an absolute must that it be included in the name. It needed to perfect because she was perfect. 


Lala Jean is for the woman who loves looking amazing, but loves being comfy 10x more. She’s a total girl boss, loves life, confident, and has fun in anything she does. Even if you’re not the all of those things, I still welcome you, because honestly I still struggle with confidence too. But I do hope that when you come to a Lala Jean popup, website, or social media page that you feel like your safe and that overtime you learn that YOU are perfect just the way you are. 


The Lala Jean Babe knows that a girl boss isn’t just a woman who owns her own business, but a woman who is 110% happy with her life. She can be a business owner, nurse, lawyer, stay at mom, etc. She’s whatever the hell she wants to be.  I really want women to know that EVERYONE is a #girlboss, not just a business owner. 


In my personal wardrobe, I definitely gravitate towards pieces that are comfy, but stylish at the same time. If I don’t feel 110% comfortable in it, I don’t buy it. I ask myself 2 questions, “would you marry this piece,” (aka do you REALLY love it” and “could you eat Cane’s in this and still feel like a million bucks?!” A comfy outfit doesn’t have to be just a tee and leggings either. Dresses, tanks, and rompers are most def comfy + stylish too. 


When I was in middle school, I was bullied pretty bad by two girls. Which is why I created my blog platform and Lalajean. I want women + girls everywhere to know that you don’t have to apologize for not being like everyone else. I remember how it felt to be judged and bullied, so I wanted my new brand to let women (and girls) know that you may not be like everyone else, but you’re YOU and that is what makes you special. 


 I had an online boutique before, but closed it when I moved to Vegas in November of 2018. I wanted to focus on my new, fancy corporate job. After about 6 months working there, I realized that working a traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday wasn’t for me. I loved the industry and meeting new people, but hated doing the same thing each day and being confined to an office for 8 hours a day just wasn’t me. Plus I REALLY missed the fashion industry. So, I quit my fancy corporate job and began managing social media for a fashion brand here in Vegas along with managing influencers for another company. I really love my jobs because honestly, they’re exactly what I’ve always wanted to do and I’m so thankful for that.  


You may remember my boutique, Shop Becca. I closed it November of 2018 when I moved to Las Vegas (from South Georgia), but missed everything about the boutique world. Especially getting to meet all of my amazing customers and seeing how our pieces made women feel like their most confident self. Summer of 2019, I’ve began brainstorming, rebranding, and working hard on a new online boutique name, brand, and merchandise. That’s when Lala Jean was born.